GOP attacks Clinton VP for ‘shameful’ military pin – Metro US

GOP attacks Clinton VP for ‘shameful’ military pin

GOP attacks Clinton VP for ‘shameful’ military pin
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The Republican Party is certainly known for its fierce support for members of the United States military. So it’s rather surprising that one state’s GOP didn’t know the difference between a military logo and the flag of Honduras.

The North Carolina Republican Party–which boasts of its “digital know-how” – slammed Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kainefor wearing a pin representing Blue Star Families, for family members of those serving in the military. It’s an organizationrecognized by the Department of Defense and partnered with the Clinton Foundation.

In a now-deleted tweet, the state’s GOP tweeted last night “[Kaine]wears a Honduras flag pin on his jacket but no American flag.Shameful.”

For good measure, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the flag of Honduras, a Spanish-speakingCentral American nation (left), and the Blue Star Families logo (right).

Kaine’s son, Nat, graduated from George Washington University ROTC and is now an active-duty marine, according to Bustle. Kaine has spoken in the past of his son’s service, and has been particularly critical of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s criticism of the military.

“When I hear Donald Trump say the American military is a disaster, I want to go through the screen and shake the guy,” Kaine said on MSNBC.
An Albany, New York, journalist pointed out the party’s gaffe on Twitter. They promptly responded and deleted the tweet, but have not apologized to Kaine.