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Got bad taste? Hit the home lottery

If your friends have ever told you that the rag rolling or sponge painting that you’ve tried to do yourself is making them sick to their stomach, you’re in need of some design disaster rescuing.

And with casting calls for the second season of Colin & Justin’s Home Heist beginning this month, why not try your luck and apply to be on the show? Cheryl Torrenueva, on-camera design assistant, says all you need to have is “bad taste.”

“We are looking for homes that desperately need an update and that the homeowners have decorated themselves,” says Torrenueva. “We would love to have the younger generation apply as well … we know that you’re out there!”

Anyone who wants to apply will also need to be available for two weeks and be willing to hand over your home to the sassy design duo Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan and their team. Taping for the show also begins this month for Season 2, which is set to premiere this fall on HGTV.

So if you decide to allow McAllister and Ryan to take your home hostage, the Home Heist team will take over your house for the duration of seven to 14 days to complete the total transformation.

“During the ‘Eeek and Shreek’ portion of the show, Colin and Justin find out who our homeowners really are and get as much information as they can in order to create the ultimate design plan,” she says. “Once the boys hand their design documents over to the Home Heist team, we go from demolition to building brand new custom designed spaces in your home in a short period of time. Everything from the flooring, paint, appliances, furniture, drapery, artwork, down to the very last detail. I would definitely compare this experience to winning the lottery!”

If you would like to be on Season 2 of Colin & Justin’s Home Heist, just e-mail photos of yourself, the members of your household, and your decorating disasters to: homeheist@nextfilm.ca, along with your name, contact information and a brief explanation of why you think Colin and Justin can help you.

But what happens if you’re not happy with the outcome?

“We strive to produce the very best for our homeowners, so if there is a homeowner out there who is really unhappy … we still have yet to hear about it,” says Torrenueva.

“Obviously, this whole process is really overwhelming and it does take a couple of days to figure out that everything that we’ve put into the makeover is really yours to keep.”

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