‘Gotta keep the Jets name’: Lukowich - Metro US

‘Gotta keep the Jets name’: Lukowich

Former Winnipeg Jets captain Morris Lukowich said there’s no doubt in his mind the new NHL team should be called the Jets.

“They’ve gotta keep the Jets name in there,” said Lukowich. “Whether it’s the Winnipeg Jets or the Manitoba Jets … there’s a tradition there.”

Lukowich said while the team may not have won a Stanley Cup, they were champions in the WHA.

“I played for a winning team,” said Lukowich from his home in Calgary. “There’s a tradition of winning there and that should be kept.”

Lukowich said the puck is now in Winnipeg’s net.

“Get out there and make it happen,” he said of the goal of selling 13,000 season tickets. “Yeah, the tickets, they’re expensive. But they’re not unreasonable.

“In Calgary, most people share tickets. You know, they can’t get out to 40 hockey games. But 10 games or something, that’s doable.”

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