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Gov. Paterson fires back — in SNL bit

New York Governor David Paterson made a surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, where he made fun of himself and the show.

“Working in Albany is a lot like watching ‘Saturday Night Live,’” Paterson said during the Weekend Update segment. “It’s funny for 10 minutes, and then you just want it to go away.”

But it wasn’t all jokes. Paterson scolded SNL writers for frequently mocking his blindness. “This has gone on long enough. Jokes that degrade people just for their disabilities are sophomoric and stupid,” Paterson said. “I’m blind, I’m the governor and I’m still alive! Now how much better do you want me to be?”

Both host Amy Poehler and head writer/Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers apologized to the governor.

“You should be sorry.,” joked Paterson. “You have poked so much fun at me for being blind that I forgot I was black.”

SNL also took some shots at GOP candidate-for-governor Carl Paladino. “A businessman from Buffalo? What business is he in — hunting or gathering?” said Fred Armisen, the actor who portrays Paterson on the show. “Seriously, going to upstate New York is like walking through a Steven King novel. You get this feeling like all these people might have killed someone — together.”

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