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Government Center station is two weeks old and leaking

Government Center station reopened in March after a two-year renovation project.
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The Government Center honeymoon is over.

When MassLive reporter Gintautas Dumcius walked into the two-week-old Government Center station on Tuesday — underneath the soaring glass ceiling and flanked by sparkling new fixtures — he spotted something off-message for the city’s newest landmark: a leak.

Dumcius Tuesday afternoon tweeted a picture of two buckets collecting drops of water next to a fold-up “wet floor” sign on the Blue Line.

“So, uh, can someone at @MBTA explain why Govt Center is leaking weeks after opening?” he tweeted.

Soon, he had his answer.

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“An area that had been excavated above ground is believed to be the source of a small leak onto a section of the Blue Line platform underground,” MBTA General Manager Frank DePaola said to him in a statement.

DePaola continued:

A contracting crew on site evaluated the situation and believes snow accumulated in a two foot deep excavation ditch which was dug above ground where sidewalks and street lights are being installed. As the snow melted, water apparently found small pathways down into an unused non-public tunnel and then seeped down to the ceiling area over the Blue Line platform.

Waterproofing sealant material will be installed as the project engineer continues to evaluate the situation. It is believed this issue occurred because soil was exposed and construction activity was occurring above ground. The MBTA will continue to monitor and mitigate the situation.

Waterproofing sealant may need to be applied on rare occasions in the future because Government Center’s 100 year old main tunnel walls and roofs are still in place.

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Government Center station reopened in March after a two-year, $82 million renovation project.

Work outside the station, clearly, is still underway.

Readmore at MassLive.

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