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Grab a BFF to help you enjoy the sweet deal at Starbucks Happy Hour today

starbucks happy hour today sept 27

You did it. You made it through the week. Well, almost. You’re so close to that glorious finish line that is the start of the weekend. We know the last two days can feel like a long, hard slog, but we have good news. Your favorite bean brewer is making it so much easier to power through by giving you a delicious drink deal and a hefty dose of caffeine for energy through Starbucks Happy Hour today. That’s right, they’re offering up Frapps at a discount, but you’re going to want to bring a friend. But wait, this time they’re offering up more than one menu item.

Before you grab your friend or coworker, make sure you have your name on the list. While there is a list of names of people who can get a discount code during these promotions, it’s open to everyone. You can easily add your name at any point. There are two simple ways to do this, and we’ve outlined them both for you in our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour.

Get ready for Starbucks Happy Hour today

Starbucks Happy Hour today seems to be a first for the chain. Typically they’ll offer discounts on one type of menu item: Frappuccinos one week, espresso beverages another. Well, this week, they’re both up for grabs for less dough. And you better bring a friend, because this one’s BOGO.

starbucks happy hour today frapp espresso

Just show up during happy hour for Starbucks and tell the barista you want to use your code for Starbucks Happy Hour today. Then you and your friend will get BOGO as long as you order a Frappuccino or espresso beverage, size grande or larger. It can be hot, it can be iced, it’s completely up to you. That means you can grab a Mocha Frappuccino or the new drink darling of the coffee chain, the Maple Pecan Latte. You can lean into fall with a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, but give the warmer weather a nod by ordering it iced.

The options are broader than they’ve ever been, and you’re going to save some serious bucks. Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed that Starbucks keeps making our weeks better with these wonderful deals.


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