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Gracious Indian offers rich flavours

Gracious Indian offers Indian fast food. There are a few tables but since it’s a nice day we do take-out and eat outdoors. We order Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, roti, a somosa and a mango lassi. A charming young woman presents our generous servings in tin foil containers.

Butter Chicken is excellent — many tender chunks in a creamy, spicy sauce. The Chicken Biryani is even better, served with basmati rice and some raita (cucumber yogurt sauce) with bits of cilantro and a nice balance of sweet and spice. Both dishes have a serious kick and we use the roti to sop up every morsel. The lassi is a refreshing accompaniment.

The somosa unfortunately is small and the potato mixture inside is mushy. It’s lackluster and doesn’t have that spicy flavour somosas usually offer.

In a town that lacks affordable, tasty Indian food, the rich flavours offered by Gracious Indian are graciously welcomed.

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