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Grandma Hillary gets a burrito bowl — and tongues are wagging

Grandma Hillary gets a burrito bowl — and tongues are wagging

We may never know what’s in those mass-deleted emails but on Tuesday, Americans knew this much: would-be President Hillary Clinton is a fan of the burrito bowl.

A Chipotle Chicken Burrito to be exact, multiple media outlets say.

The former Obama administration secretary of state, who launched her campaign for the Democratic Party nomination Sunday, made a pit stop Monday in the Mexican fast food giant’s Maumee, Ohio outpost,

And no one recognized her, The New York Times reports. The media, for security reasons, is not traveling alongside Clinton. Somehow (we wonder how) reporters got the tip.

The Times’ Maggie Haberman, in fact, was the one who told the restaurant manager that Clinton was his customer at 1:20 p.m. Clinton rolled up in a van she calls “Scooby” (c’mon, really?) with aides and secret service agents in tow.

And still, he didn’t believe her until he rolled the security footage and it showed Clinton in line with an aide and her chicken burrito bowl on a tray — a tray she carried herself.

“The thing is, she has these dark sunglasses on,” Wright said. “She just was another lady.”

Later, Wright seemed to get that this was corporate gold, telling ABC, ““She got great food. …Everybody loves Chipotle.”

The Chipotle stop seems to be the latest in a Clinton campaign image re-do aimed at making the tack-sharp former First Lady appear softer, more approachable. An everyday woman.

Besides her “Scooby” van, Clinton was also spotted at a gas station in Pennsylvania Sunday night. A photo of her taken with a Michigan family is bouncing around social media.

And the 67-year-old Clinton, who became a granny last September, has tweeted using the hashtag, “grandmothersknowbest.”

She used it effectively several months back to slam would-be Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie and other GOP politicians who suggested that immunization shots against known killer-diseases be matter left up to parents.

Clinton’s husband, 68-year-old former President Bill Clinton, it should be noted, was a huge McDonald’s fan for years.

That is, until 2004, when he needed a quadruple bypass.

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