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Grey’s Anatomy survivor gets his girl

Grey’s Anatomy has reached its seventh season after wrapping up season six with a shoot-out at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, but the one who survived was Dr. Jackson Avery. Jesse Williams is happy to stay on and continue to be a regular in the immensely popular hospital series.

“It was tough that some characters were killed at the end of season six, I had become friends with everybody. I’m glad my character survived, though,” he tells Metro.

The new season starts with a counselling session for the survivors.

“I think the tragedy will bring people closer together,” he says.

Dr. Jackson Avery, the character Jesse Williams portrays in Grey’s Anatomy, has now been made a regular on the cast.

“It was very exciting. I’m very happy and honoured. I spent a year discovering my character and didn’t know if I’d stay in the show for a long time or just one episode.”

Metro asked Williams if he has any similarities with the TV character he plays.

“Some,” he replied. “We are both very competitive and passionate about winning. Jackson is more stubborn but also a bit nicer than I am. There are some similarities, but enough differences that makes it fun to work on his character.”

The secrecy surrounding the plot remains strong, even for the actors, but Jesse Williams is sure of one thing – Dr Jackson Avery will get a girl.

“I don’t know who or when but I’m sure it will happen soon. I don’t know if it will be a girl from the show or a new character but I hope to find out soon.”

Williams also offered some thoughts on his latest big screen venture, The Cabin in the Woods, a tongue-in-cheek thriller-horror movie also starring Hollywood veteran Richard Jenkins.

“It was really a great experience [starring in The Cabin in the Woods]. [Director] Joss Whedon is great. It’s a horror movie so there was a lot of blood and monsters. It was very intense; I’ve never done anything like it before.

“I hope it will be released in the beginning of next year as planned.”

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