Grilling’s a personal thing

Whether you’re baking, pan-frying or grilling a chunk of sirloin steak on the barbecue, the spices and flavours you add to your meal ultimately depends on your taste buds.

Award-winning chef and food entertainer Ted Reader says barbecuing is a personal thing — what type of sauces or spice you use is up to you.

“You need to develop your own flavors — but that being said, it is better to start easy with spices and sauces and develop your recipe,” says Reader. “It is easier to add than take away. Play it safe and make it delicious.”

Reader recently launched a new line of products, World Famous BBQ, which features 12 sauces, seasonings and rubs — including Orgasmic Onion, Shirazamataz and Crazy Canuck. “I wanted to share my favourite barbecue sauce recipes with everyone who loves to grill and barbecue. These are favorites of mine that I have created and developed over the years,” he says. “Looking at the current market place and the number of barbecue sauces that are available, I wanted to create a line up of products that were more than just tomato-based.”

So how much sauce or seasoning is too much? Is less really more? Reader says the best way to know what’s going to work for you is by experimenting. Shirazamataz is good for steaks and lamb, Crazy Canuck for ribs and chicken but it can also go great with seafood and veal.

“Play, experiment and have fun. I provide the flavour tools and you use your imagination to create delicious easy meals,” says Reader. “Just because there is an open flame does not make the food cook any faster. Take it easy and have patience.”

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