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Gritty, gutty Mets

David Wright:

Grade: D

First 39 games – awful. After that … well he’s missed every game. There’s not much good to say about Wright, but presumably he won’t hit .226 when he comes back.

Carlos Beltran:

Grade: A

The exact opposite of Wright. He was coming off his second straight injury-plagued season and no one was expecting him to have 43 extra-base hits. Now, do you re-sign him?

Jason Bay:

Grade: A

Bay is being paid $16M this season. That’s $1.45M per extra-base hit, $2.7M per HR and $571K per RBI. Look on the bright side, he’s only due $32M more.

Jose Reyes:

Grade: A+

It won’t get any better than this season Mets fans – and not just because he might never play for you again. He’s the best player in New York and it isn’t close. Bring him back!

Ike Davis:

Grade: B-

A very promising season went the way of the DL and he may be out for the season. Still, Davis showed signs of being a future star so let’s look on the bright side.

Justin Turner:

Grade: B

He might have cooled down since bursting on the scene, but when you are being compared to Luis Castillo it is hard to look bad. You’d take a .270 BA and .330 OBP any day.

Ronny Paulino:

Grade: B+

Paulino has given the team a boost since his return from suspension/INS. Josh Thole was struggling and Paulino’s .320 average is impressive.

Angel Pagan:

Grade: C

It’s no surprise Pagan has fallen back to Earth after his last two seasons. He is still a Gold Glove caliber defender though. Oh, and he’s not Jason Bay, so there’s that too.

Daniel Murphy:

Grade: B+

Anyone else notice Murphy is 12th in the NL in batting average? He still has no position, but he can hit. He’s finally showing why Omar Minaya loved him.

Terry Collins:

Grade: B

We still wonder what Collins was thinking with the second base position this spring training, but he’s handled the multitude of injuries better than Willie Randolph or Jerry Manuel.

Mike Pelfrey:

Grade: D

The Mets expected Pelfrey to step up when Johan Santana went down. Five wins and a 4.88 ERA are the antithesis of that. He’s been their fifth-best starting pitcher.

Chris Capuano:

Grade: B

No one will be fooled into thinking he’s a star, but he’s had quality starts in six of his last seven games. He’s on pace to make 32 starts and win 15 games. That’s impressive.

Dillon Gee:

Grade: A-

The real (positive) surprise of the Mets’ rotation. His eight wins, 3.76 ERA and .222 BAA are far beyond what was expected from the rookie. He’s not an ace, but he’s a future No. 2.

Middle relief:

Grade: B+

The setup roles have been one of the strengths for the Mets. Bobby Parnell is a closer and Pedro Beato and Jason Isringhausen have both been good. They need a lefty though.

Francisco Rodriguez:

Grade: B

Can you count to 55? Can Terry Collins? The Mets must trade him before he reaches his 55 games finished incentive and he’s been good enough to do so.

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