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Gronkowski NFL Rumors Patriots to now trade to Lions or Texans?

Gronkowski NFL rumors Patriots

Timing is everything in life and in the NFL, and the Patriots are typically on point when it comes to making key transactions at the perfect moment. If the Patriots are to trade Rob Gronkowski, which has been rumored this entire offseason, expect it to happen between the start of training camp and the final roster cut-down day in early September. Gronkowski NFL Rumors Patriots could soon heat up again.

The Patriots have partaken in September surprises in the past, most notably way back in 2003 when they cut Lawyer Milloy. While the early returns on that move hurt the team as the Pats lost in Week 1 to the Buffalo Bills, it ultimately made the team tougher mentally and they went on to win their second Super Bowl that season.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, much to the chagrin of Mr. Positive Tom Brady, is not going to change his coaching style. As former Belichick assistant Rick Venturi pointed out in a 2016 oral history of Belichick’s coaching style: “If he has a motivational style, I’d say that it’s constant emotional discomfort. That’s why his teams never flat-line.”

The Patriots will be attempting to reach the Super Bowl for the third straight season this year, something they have not yet accomplished in the Belichick era. Surely, Belichick will want a fresh look for the 2018 team. That is the major reason that Belichick may still be exploring a Gronkowski trade with Gronkowski NFL Rumors Patriots possibly looking at the Lions or Texans as trade partners. It would shock his team, and would surely get them on track with his my-way or the highway approach.

We have seen other successful NFL teams “tune out” their head coach in recent years, as many of the veteran players on the Seattle Seahawks complained about Pete Carroll fatigue. No doubt, Brady and Gronkowski are suffering from it right now. It’s doubtful that “Do your job” is going to motivate them much at this stage of their careers.


Gronkowski NFL Rumors Patriots to now trade to Lions or Texans?

Trading Brady is now out of the question, so Gronkowski is the next best candidate. The Detroit Lions, Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans have been consistently mentioned as landing sports for Gronkowski in Gronkowski NFL Rumors Patriots.

“As training camp approaches the Patriots and tight end Rob Gronkowski still don’t have an adjustment to a contract that pays him only $8 million for 2018,” Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio said. “Now let’s put that in perspective. Trey Burton, who was the third string tight end for the Eagles, is getting $8 million a year with the Chicago Bears and Jimmy Graham, who was disappointing during his time with the Seattle Seahawks, got $10 million with the Green Bay Packers. So Gronk still wants to get paid. Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal raises an interesting point in that there are teams out there that still believe Gronkowski is available for a trade. Now, in theory any player is available. Because any team can make an offer, and for Gronkowski a first round pick plus [something else] could make the Patriots change their position. The real question is, are the Patriots actively thinking about shopping him? Would they be making a phone call? Are they considering – if they don’t get a deal done – trying to move Rob Gronkowski early in training camp to another team. They were making calls about Gronk as recently as three days before the draft. It was two days before the draft that Gronkowski finally committed to playing in 2018. Until that contract restructuring is finalized, until we know that the Patriots have given Gronkowski a financial package that he’s happy with for 2018 – anything could happen. We’ve seen it before, we’ll see it again. And there’s a chance that it happens with Gronk.”

Gronkowski NFL Rumors Patriots