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Guide to Super Bowl LI prop bets: Lady Gaga’s hair, Tom Brady for MVP and Joel Embiid

Lady Gaga, once again, is the subject of sports betting all across America.
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The Super Bowl is usually a pretty boring football game. That’s what history has shown.

This year’s matchup appears better on paper than most but there is still a good chance this one is a stinker in favor of the Falcons or the Patriots.

For casual football fans or those hoping to hedge their bets against a four-hour snooze-fest, here are our favorite prop bets. Here is our attempt to help youwager with your friends (or with Vegas) and enjoy a little extra entertainment at 6:30 p.m. Sunday on Fox.

Luke Bryan national anthem length: 2:09

Bryan averages less than this on YouTube, but there is expected to be a jet flyover. This a key influence on the anthem bet. He will have to get his timing perfect and will be singing deliberately and slowly.

Our pick: over

Mentions of Donald Trump during broadcast: 1.5

The president is reportedly participating in the age old tradition of pregame interviews. Knowing this president as we do, he will say something outlandish or unusual. He will also be picking the game (we are betting he picks New England). This leads us to believe he will be mentioned by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman more than once.

Our pick: over

Lady Gaga’s hair color: not blond

Handicappers have said this year’s halftime show performer will most likely adorn blonde hair when she takes the stage. The odds for her hair being any color except for blonde are 5/2. We like those odds and the possibilities it allows.

Our pick: Gaga goes nonblond

Total game over/under: 58 points

Now, finally to the game. The Falcons have one of the five most prolific offenses of all time, and the Patriots offense is nothing to scoff at — which is why we have the highest over-under in Super Bowl history. We like the under. With two weeks for Bill Belichick to prepare for Atlanta’s offense, the Pats defense should be well-prepared. Historically, the best offenses in football have failed in the big game, and more often than not the game fails to reach the over-under mark.

Our pick: under 58 points scored

Tom Brady pass attempts: 37.5

We have encountered an abundance of media covering the Patriots’ underrated running game. We don’t buy it in the big game. Sure, the Pats will need to be multidimensional, but Bill Belichick won’t have the ball in Dion Lewis’ hands when it matters most. We see Brady throwing and completing a bevy of short passes. He’ll throw more than 37.

Our pick: Brady throws a lot

Higher total: Joel Embiid points + rebounds (+6.5)or first field goal distance

This one is complicated but awesome. Sixers star rookie center Embiid has taken the NBA by storm and has been good for 20 points and nine rebounds, nearly guaranteed. The bet spots Embiid 6.5 to his total (in Miami against the lowly Heat)and compares it to the length of the first made field goal. The numbers would put that at a 37 yard field goal as the over under. We think the first kick will be a lengthier one, especially indoors in Houston.

The pick: field goal over Embiid, sorry Process

Tom Brady for MVP: -110

Brady is the Super Bowl MVP favorite, and it would take a $110 bet to win $100 in a bet in Vegas. While the odds for the field are tantalizing (Julio Jones pays $1,800 on a $100 bet), Brady has won three of four Super Bowl MVPs in addition to the four titles he has won. He’s had a chip on his shoulder all season long and we don’t see him being stopped by Atlanta.

The pick: No. 3 for No. 12

Who wins?

The Patriots are three-point favorites and they have all the experience — plus a much better defense. The Falcons have never won a Super Bowl and haven’t been to one since Dirty Bird Jamal Anderson more than a decade-and-a-half ago. The NFL is due for the karmic moment that will see Roger Goodell handing the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft. We like the Patriots to cover the spread.

The pick: Patriots, -3​

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