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Guillermo Diaz spills on Lena Dunham’s big ‘Scandal’ guest role

Catch Diaz (and Scott Foley, and Lena Dunham) on "Scandal" this Thursday at 9 p.m. on
Nicole Wilder, ABC

In the world of “Scandal,” everyone is hiding something, but Guillermo Diaz’s Huck seems to be particularly tortured about his past. Last week’s episode saw him finally begin to come forward about his activities in the secret government agency B613, and go on the record about what had happened to him. We caught up with Diaz to talk about what all this means, how weird it is to know Huck’s real name and what he could tell us about this week’s very special guest star.

So how does it feel to finally learn Huck’s real name?

It felt good. It felt a little bit strange. I‘m pretty attached to the name Huck, so it was a bit odd to find out that his name was Diego. It was very unexpected.

Has everyone started calling you Diego?

A lot of people on Twitter are saying, “Do you mind if we keep calling you Huck?” and I’m like, “Yeah, fine, either way.” I think people are, even on the show, in episodes we’ve done after that one, still calling me Huck, so I don’t know if Diego’s going to stick.

Does it feel a little bit like your character arc all along has been building to this moment?

When you see Huck on the street, he always looks like he’s in some sort of emotional pain, like there’s something going on behind the eyes the whole time, and I think keeping that secret, and not thinking that B613 screwed him up so badly that, a lot of the time he didn’t know if him having a wife and a child, was all in his head, if it was real or not real, has been a battle for him for so long.

Looking at this from the outside, do you think he made the right choice for his family?

That’s hard to say. My first thought is that, yeah, he did the right thing for his family. I can’t imagine him sitting there, in that room, in that last scene from that last episode we just saw, and him lying with his wife sitting there, knowing he’s lying. I feel like she would have just walked away and never let him into their lives again so I feel like he had no choice. It was either lose your family and lie and protect them or tell the truth and fight for what he believes in and fight for the fact that they possibly will be able to take down B613, and he took a chance.

So what kinds of fallout will we see from this?

I mean, if I could tell you that, it would be so great. I can’t tell you any of that. What do you mean, what about the fallout? I can’t tell you. I’ll be fired. [Laughs]. I can say that in the next two episodes a lot of those questions about how Olivia [Kerry Washington] is going to feel about what’s going on are going to be revealed. We’ll find that out, and what the fallout will be and what the consequences will be from Huck revealing what he did.

OK, without saying anything that will get you fired, what can you say about Lena Dunham being on the show this week?

I can say that she’s awesome. I worked with her a little bit on the episode and I can say that she plays a character that we haven’t really seen her do before. She’s a very confident woman on the show, very different from her character on Girls. What else? She’s quite sassy and straightforward in the episode.

Have you guys all seen the “SNL” spoof Dunham did where she was on “Scandal”?

Yeah! I love it so much, I actually just reposted it on Instagram not too long ago, a picture of Lena with the guy that plays Huck and the girl that played Quinn. We were so thrilled. I’m a huge fan of “Saturday Night Live,” and you know what they say — once “Saturday Night Live” starts imitating you or whatever show you’re on, that you’ve made it.

Were you guys swapping gossip, like, ‘I’ll trade you a little info on “Scandal” if you’ll tell me what’s coming up on Girls’?

A little bit. She did tell us a little bit about “Girls,” and we did tell her a little bit about what’s coming up on “Scandal.” Not too much because she’s a fan of the show, so we didn’t want to spoil it for each other. So we talked about how different our sets are. Lena was saying they’ll write an episode and then her actors will usually not say a majority of the lines that she writes. They’ll improv a lot, and just go off and say whatever they want. And, you know, it’s completely different on our show. We have to be letter perfect with our lines. It’s fun to tell stories of how different our sets are.

An improvised version of “Scandal” might not work very well.


Now that she’s been on your show, will we see you pop up on “Girls” next season?

I would love that! I want to be Hannah’s rebound guy now that she broke up with Adam. I want to be like the guy that she just screws just to kind of get over him, you know? Why not?

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