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Guys, your junk is probably an average size (and that’s OK!)


A new study out of the UK has found the average girth and length of male genitalia (although we’re not sure if it took pool shrinkage into account).

The King’s College London study collected data of a variety of studies from around the world measuring the genitalia of 15,521 men.
One limitation that the researchers found was the small sample size of erect measurements as most of the studies focused only on the gentials’ flaccid and stretched length. Out of the 15,521 measured only 692 had their erect organ measured.
Here are the results:
Average length flaccid: 3.61 inches
Average length flaccid: but stretched: 5.21 inches
Average length erect: 5.17 inches
Average circumference flaccid: 3.67 inches
Average circumference of erect: 4.59 inches
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