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Gwyneth Paltrow launches Goop by Juice Beauty

Forget the health food store eye cream and put down that beeswax balm — organic beauty products just got luxe. But who’s going to spend $100 on an all-natural moisturizer? “Vain people like me that want products that actually work,” says Gwyneth Paltrow, with a laugh.

The Academy Award-winning actress and healthy lifestyle maven, who first got into clean living after her father was diagnosed with cancer, just released a high-performance skincare line.

“I wasn’t finding that efficacy in products at the health food store,” she explains. “I thought there must be a way to create incredible beautiful products that are not toxic.”

In partnership with Juice Beauty and named after Paltrow’s successful lifestyle brand, Goop’s collection of six age-defying skincare products are made with at least 73 percent certified organic ingredients.

We chatted with Paltrow about her favorite products, her efforts in getting a clean beauty bill passed and the cringe-worthy products her daughter brings home. (Yes, even Apple can’t resist some bargain eye shadow.)​

What did you learn about skincare during this process?
The main thing that I learned is how shocking it is that the products I’ve been using my whole life are full of chemicals and carcinogens and plastics. You have this idea of clean, non-toxic beauty, but when I really start to look at what’s allowed in our products, it galvanized me.

What product made you go, ‘Wow—we’re on to something here’?
The Instant Facial. I think you’re only supposed to use it two or three times a week. But I use it every night because I’m old and I need the regeneration [laughs]. It brings fresh skin to the surface and you feel really clean and plump.

What are your three best tips for glowing, beautiful skin?
Aside from good products: hydration, nutrition and exercise. I think without good nutrition it’s very hard to have good skin. Skin tells all your secrets. I think exercise, as well. Circulation, perspiration, detoxing the skin, which is the largest organ in the body.

You’ve been a champion of natural beauty for so long. Any changes you’d like to see in the industry?
I would like there to be sweeping legislation reform around it. It’s one of those instances of big business really exploiting the customer for their bottom line and it’s really putting everyone at risk. The more you know about it the worst you feel about it. I have a daughter and she’s obsessed with makeup products. She loves those pink body mists from Victoria’s Secret, and I wish they regulated what was in it because you’re talking about pre-pubescent, pubescent and post-pubescent girls who are fascinated by all this stuff, and it’s full of things that are disrupting their hormones and are really toxic. The consumer now is starting to become more aware. It’s a consumer driven movement. I recently signed on with [Senator] Dianne Feinstein. She’s introducing a clean beauty bill so I’m going to support her in that.

What are you teaching your daughter Apple about beauty?
It’s tricky. I talk to her a lot about what’s contained in a product. Sometimes it makes an impact on her sometimes it doesn’t. She recently she ordered a 180 eye shadow palette from China that was literally, like, $1.89 and I was like, I don’t know what to say about this, I can’t imagine what’s in it. But I want her to feel her own autonomy, and so it’s a balance. I’ve never been that mother that doesn’t have the Goldfish and Oreos in the house, because then I know when they have freedom that’s all they will eat. It’s hard. I really wish it was more regulated so I wouldn’t have to worry about it to the extent that I do.

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