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Hacked Washington Examiner Twitter account says Trump ‘is going to hell’

Washington Examiner Twitter account posts anti-Trump tweet

Early Monday morning, the Washington Examiner tweeted out an anti-Trump message to its 140,000 followers.

“Trump is going to hell. Anyone who ever read the bible can tell you where it stands on rich adulterers,” the news outlet posted online at approximately 5:13 a.m. ET, according to The Hill. “The key to God’s forgiveness is repentance. Trump’s entire political career has been about the exact opposite of that.”

“Also this paper is garbage for promoting ‘Trump and God,'” the tweet continued.

The message has since been deleted.

“The Washington Examiner’s Twitter feed was hacked and a tweet was posted that did not come from our staff,” the outlet wrote two hours after the anti-Trump (and anti-Washington Examiner) tweet was posted. “We are taking appropriate action and will issue a further statement if necessary.”

This statement is currently pinned to the top of the publication’s Twitter feed, and its Instagram and Facebook pages appear to have been unaffected by the alleged hack.

Many classify the Washington Examiner as a conservative magazine.

On the outlet’s website, it describes itself as a place for “breaking news and analysis on politics. With in-depth news coverage, diligent investigative reporting and thoughtful commentary, we’ll make sure you’re always in the know about Washington’s latest exploits.”

Twitter reacts to the Washington Examiner being hacked

“The Washington Examiner’s Twitter account is LIT,” one person tweeted out this morning.

Another wrote, “Happy Monday morning to the editors at the Washington Examiner!”

Others blamed it on a potential intern:

There were, also, comments of praise for the alleged hacker: 

The Washington Examiner, which was not available for immediate comment, has since continued to post articles on its Twitter page. Trump has yet to share a response of his own.

If you think your account is at risk of being compromised, click through to help.twitter.com.

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