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Half of Americans won’t celebrate Valentine’s Day

Half of Americans won’t celebrate Valentine’s Day

Whether you don’t have a special someone or just don’t like heart-shaped food, a survey says Valentine’s Day is going to be just another Tuesday for almost half of Americans.

According to a survey by restaurant guide Zagat, 47% of people aren’t planning to celebrate the holiday of love at all, while 8% of those who are making those pricey reservations are doing it only to avoid being guilted for the rest of month. Love shouldn’t be a chore, people; maybe try finding something to do that you’ll both enjoy?

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For the 53% of you who like to sit down to a special meal, the most important thing isn’t ambiance — it didn’t even crack the top three priorities for 43% of respondents. Interestingly, it was more important to men (21%) than women (14%). One-third of men also choose what they think their date would enjoy most when choosing a restaurant.

The most important thing is you love what’s going to be on your plate (51%). The most popular cuisines of love were Italian (17%), French (13%), seafood (13%), steak (11%), American (10%), sushi (7%), Mexican (3%) and Chinese (1%). Be ready to splash out: The average tab is expected to be $170.53 this year.

If only all singles had a friend like Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day would be more of a tradition. But the partnerless are overwhelmingly spending the holiday with their remote control as their date; only 5% plan to hang out with friends.

Hang in there, everyone. Feb. 15 will be here soon.