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Happy Monday! Here’s a video of a guy on drugs at work

Remember Sam Briggs? He’s the dude whose friends thought it would be a good idea to “>dose him with drugs — marijuana, ecstasy, ‘shrooms — and send him to work as a public works employee while they filmed it. And, hey, it was. People on drugs are funny, especially when you’re not.

That first foray into the world of hidden camera documentary of some dude on a ton of drugs took place just about a year ago. So, obviously, it was time for another go around, and this time, they went with a holiday theme.

If you’re back at work in the interim between Christmas and New Year’s Eve — and hating life just about as much as someone nursing a holiday hangover should be — then please enjoy this video of Sam Briggs (this time on cocaine, LSD and ketamine) working at a gift-wrapping stall. Hey, drugs at work are sounding pretty good right about now, huh?

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