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Happy National Nacho Day! Here’s 14 recipes to make you drool

Election Day will, sadly, overlap our weekly video series highlighting helpful kitchen tips. In lieu of that video, we’re doubling up our recipe recommendations. And in honor of National Nacho Day and the emotional eating I anticipate doing this week after Tuesday, Metro give you 14 chips-n-cheese recipes you need in your life.

1. Your basic go-to– Loaded Nachos

You’d think nachos are as simple as chips, cheese and toppings. But the art of layering is more than that, as Pioneer Woman makes very clear. Her loaded nachos have three layers of chips, each piled high with flavorful toppings and plenty of cheese. Because let’s get real: You can never have too much cheese.

2. When you’re feelin’ fancy – Cranberry, Butternut and Brussels Sprout Brie Skillet Nachos

I’m pretty sure if Julia Child ever ate nachos, they’d look something like this. With three cheeses (fontina, brie and blue or gorgonzola) caramelized Brussels sprouts and the tart-but-sweet brown sugar and cranberry drizzle bumps these to the top of our Thanksgiving menus.

3. When it’s cheat day – Totchos Supreme

Tater tots + bacon + nachos = Totchos.

(And also = love.)

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4. When you’re not into meat – Mexican Street Corn Nachos

Don’t expect to see a radioactive orange fake cheese mess here. These vegetarian-friendly ‘chosuse a gooey blend of Monterey jack and cotija, and a combination of cayenne, lime and cilantro add a one-two punch of heat and sweet for a lively taste. When corn is at its peak in summer, use fresh, but frozen works just fine, too.

5. When you’re not into meat or dairy – Mean Green Vegan Nachos

Vegan cheese is nothing new, but have you ever had vegan sour cream? This recipe is so good, it might even make you give up the real thing. (And bonus points for how healthy it is!) If you’re new to the realm of vegan cheese, try a shredded version, like Daiya’s cheddar or pepper jack.

6. When you want something a little different – Doritos Nachos

I’m honored to admit that I’m from the same town that invented the Doritos Nachos. The Chicken Lounge, in Allentown, Pa., swapped regular tortillas for Doritos decades ago, and their nachos became an iconic staple for anyone with the drunk munchies.

If you’ve never tried this winning combination, do it. Now. You’ll never look back at those wimpy corn triangles ever again.

7. When you want something a lot different – Reuben-Topped Irish Nachos

Don’t think you need to wait for St. Patrick’s Day for thismeaty, cheesy stunner. Just sub chips for some thinly sliced potatoes and add some corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing, and you’re good to go.

If you end up dressed in green suspenders, well, that’s up to you.

8. When you’re the party host(ess) – Super Bowl Nacho Bar

Chips, cheese, meat? Or chips, meat, cheese? Skip the existential questions and let your guests do it their way. Add as many or few topping options as you want, but make sure you keep the chips aplenty.

Kitchen tip: Keep your guac from going brown by adding plenty of lime juice. An extra squirt on the top once the dish has been served will help stave off discoloration. It’s not bad for you, just oxidation similar to what happens to apple slices left out for too long. If you have leftovers, pour a little bit of lukewarm water on top before sealing in a tight container, then pop it in the fridge. Mix it all up whenever you want to eat it next.

9. When you want something hearty – Sweet Potato & Black Bean Nachos

I wouldn’t venture so far as to call these ‘choshealthy,but if you’re looking to cut down on starchiness, sweet potatoes are a good place to start. This recipe also features cauliflower, something I never thought I’d see on nachos, and Greek yogurt subbed for sour cream.

Roast the sweet potatoes ahead of time or make it fresh that day. Either way this one-pot dish will definitely stick to your bones. And, do yourself a favor: Don’t skip the green chile salsa.

10. When you wake up – Tex Mex Breakfast Waffle Nachos

There are few things, at least in my humble opinion, better than brunch and Mexican food. When those two meet in glorious embrace (see: huevos rancheros), the world becomes a little bit more beautiful.

Or maybe I think about food too much. Either way, don’t forget the mimosas.

11. When you really just want Indian food – Loaded TandooriChicken Nachos

It might seem like an unlikely combination, but trust me here: Indian and Mexican are practically made for each other. Top these beautiful little chippies with mango salsa, avocado and a pepper jack cheese sauce, then practice a fork-in-mouth maneuver.

12. When you want something sweet – Pretzel Dessert Nachos

Um. Woah.

Salty, sweet, gooey, crunchy, nutty. That hit all my requirements for dessert.

13. When you actually want something healthy – Honey Lime Grilled Avocado Shrimp Nacho Bowls

Bowls are all the rage. Buddha bowls, power bowls, acai bowls. For some reason, health food seems more palatable (or perhaps, more photo-friendly) from a bowl than a plate. Whatever the reason, these gluten-free bowls offer all the flavor of a plate of cheesy nachos, minus all the unhealthy gunk. Plus, it comes together in under half an hour.

14. You want something really out there – Ahi Tuna Wonton Nachos

Some combinations really don’t work, like orange juice in your cereal, or pickles and peanut butter. But others come together so perfectly, you forgot they ever existed as their own entities.

Enter Ahi Tuna Wonton Nachos. Fried wontons take the place of chips, and Japanese mayo and wasabi paste replace the cheese, and, of course, a prime cut of Ahi tuna that will literally melt in your mouth. If you’re near an Asian or gourmet market, give this app a try.

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