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‘Happy Valentine’s! Love, Jon Hamm’

The minute those Christmas decorations come down, inevitably the Valentine’s Day hearts and cupids go up. Singletons surely dread it, but there’s a way to cheer up them and/or the Mad Men fetishist in your life.

JD Beebe designed the Hamm-o-gram “to make anyone lonely on Valentine’s Day forget about their moody blues.”

For five dollars, you can have a personalized card — not an e-card — picturing Mad Men star Jon Hamm, mailed to a soon-to-be deliriously grateful recipient.

And guess what? Not only will you be bringing the joy of hot Hamm to others, you’ll also be donating to charity.

Beebe explains: “I came up with the idea easily enough — Jon Hamm rhymes with gram (brilliant I know) — but I do like my silly projects to do some good. In an effort to be philanthropic and not get sued by the Hamm brigade, I chose A Caring Hand (for bereaved children and families) as a charity partner.

This was simply because Mr. Hamm actually lost his parents at a young age, and since I couldn’t find any charities that he himself donated to I wanted to make it personal enough that he might see the good in it.”

Everyone wins with the Hamm-o-gram. Could Charlie Day Chocolates be next?

Simply go to hammogram.com to order your own Hamm-o-gram for Valentine’s Day.

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