Has Uber turned into a creepy ex-boyfriend with its new friend locator? - Metro US

Has Uber turned into a creepy ex-boyfriend with its new friend locator?

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While you were working…

Are you smarter than a fifth-grader? What is the answer to this holiday-inspired math problem?

Hipsters just don’t get horror movies. (Don’t get mad at us. It was Emile Hirsch)!

Ain’t no party like a Stonehenge party

The founder of the “secret” Facebook group Pantsuit Nationis at the unpleasant end of some major shade… nay, outrage… after it was announced thatshe has a book deal in place.

Move over Wanda! Thisfish is called Obama.



Social media shaming gets a bad rep. When avideo of someone’s public meltdown àla racial slur-filled tiradegoes viral, the internet wins.

Therewill be football on Christmasandthis is why it’s awesome.

Arizona is getting its students ready for real life with changes to the Common Core,including cursive as a mandatory skill.

Because the world isn’t stalker-y enough, you can now pull a friend’s name out of your contact list andUber will ping their location and take you to them.

Infamous alleged murdererRobert Durst, subject of the HBO documentary “The Jinx,” is back in court.

States with medical marijuana laws have seen a drop in traffic fatalities,according to this report.

A plane was circling Manhattan last week and gave New Yorkers a post-9/11 scare.We now can #blameTrump.

Busy Phillips revealedhow not to lose that New Year’s resolution mojo.

Anew report suggestedthat Congress consider the disabled people of Puerto Rico — who get almost zero help from the government.

And in case you missed it,this Maine man locked hornswith the state over religious freedom and won.

Seriously? Like, literally,this is the most annoying wordinAmerica.



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