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Have a holly jolly Lifmas, if you can

Mr. Lif says he doesn’t know any Christmas songs, at least not traditional ones. But his Very Merry Lifmas holiday performance will have a seasonal note.

“The Christmas theme stems only from the fact that it’s Christmastime,” Lif jokes. “The only Christmas song I know and will play is one I wrote myself. It’s called ‘Santa’s Got A Muthaf—in’ Uzi.’ Pardon my language.”

In the true spirit of holiday songs (or not) the Boston MC wrote his ode back in the deep, dark early days of the recession.

“Basically, it’s about me being all excited on Christmas Day and Santa comes down the chimney, steals my stuff and his helpers beat me up. So, I gather my buddies and go to the North Pole to settle the score. Lo and behold, Bush and Cheney are rolling with Santa and it turns into a wild shootout. So, that’s my Christmas song.”

Santa going over to the dark side? Never!

“Well, it was written a few years back when we were still enduring the Bush regime. I’m reintroducing it to the world in conjunction with the Lifmas event. It’s all comedy, of course, very tongue-in-cheek.”

New Year’s resolutions?

With three album projects in the works, Mr. Lif has big recording plans for 2011.

“It’s been an interesting journey for me. I had an epiphany in 2009 making ‘I Heard It Today,’” he says of his last album. “It was one of those beautiful moments where you know what you’re doing and you’re dialed in.”

Lif plans to re-record some songs from that record with a Bay-area Balkan brass band called Brass Menagerie.

“It’s a very different interpretation of my material. We’re hoping to get together in the next few months, and I’ll also write some new songs to their music.”

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