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Have you seen Alice, the Boston unicorn?

While passing by utility poles in Boston, its no rare sight to see a few “missing pet” flyers with photos of beloved cats and dogs, and even lizards, but one particularly unique pet seems to have gone missing lately.

Recently, some flyers have popped up around Newbury Street that prominently announce a “Missing Unicorn,” complete with a photograph of what appears to be a white unicorn strolling in a field.

The caption below the photo goes on to describe the mythical pet as “female” and “very friendly.”

“Last seen at The Public Garden near Newbury Street,” it states.

Coincidentally, Newbury Street is home to the unicorn’s keeper, The Fairy Shop owner, Michael Sage.

“I have a lot of unicorns in the shop. (The flyer) was just something I put together. I saw a lot of ‘missing pet’ flyers, and I thought this might make people laugh,” Sage said.

The flyer offers a reward, which can be collected at his Newbury shop. So far, no one has been able to lasso the mythical creature, however Sage said there have been some sightings.

“One of our regulars said they spotted her in Pinkberry on Newbury,” Sage said. Another customer claims to have seen her in Cambridge.

When asked how can someone spot a creature that isn’t real, Sage seemed to be privy to knowledge most of us aren’t: “She is real. That’s Alice. Come into the shop, and you’ll understand.”

The shop, which has been open since 1994, offers an eclectic array of wares, from jewelry to fairy dust, gnomes and mermaids. However, there is also a “unicorn petting zoo” full of plush unicorns, Sage said.

As for the reward, he is still thinking on that.

“If someone finds her, it will probably be something fun; something sweet, because unicorns love sweets,” he said.

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