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Have your say in city’s future

City aldermen are expecting a multitude of Calgarians to have their say at the public discussions for Plan It Calgary next week.

Ward 11 Ald. Brian Pincott said even if Calgarians can’t make it down on June 23 for the hearing, they should follow the discussions closely.

“This is incredibly important. We have an option to choose how the city grows and it’s incumbent on all of us to make that decision,” Pincott said, adding Plan It could shape the city’s growth for the next several decades.

Pincott said the issue is divided between industry and developers who are lobbying heavily against Plan It, and those who are in favour.

“A lot of community members and citizens are telling me they are done with suburban sprawl and they want to see a change in the direction the city is heading,” Pincott said.

Pincott and fellow alderman Ric McIver both expect the public hearing to spill over two days and encourage Calgarians to get engaged in the process.

“If you have to follow it on TV, newspaper, blogs, Tweets, just follow it somehow,” Pincott said.

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