Hawkesworth throws support behind Higgins in Calgary mayoral race – Metro US

Hawkesworth throws support behind Higgins in Calgary mayoral race

After conceding Tuesday that he had no shot at the mayor’s chair, candidate Bob Hawkesworth pledged his support for Barb Higgins this morning.

The two held a press conference at Higgins’ campaign headquarters where they discussed the similarities and differences in their policies.

Hawkesworth has been a vocal opponent of the airport tunnel, while Higgins is in favour.

“We’ve agreed to disagree,” said Hawkesworth.

“Respectfully,” added Higgins.

Although there may be discrepancies between the two, Hawkesworth said Higgins is the clear choice.

“I think time will prove my decision correct (about the airport tunnel) but I’m not going to let that stand in the way of my supporting Barb because there are other important reasons why we need her as our next mayor.”

Higgins said Hawkesworth is someone she’s looked up to as a politician.

“I’ve watched, as many Calgarians have, as Bob has dedicated so much of his life to public service at the municipal level and at the provincial level,” she said. “He’s a statesman and that’s what I’ve admired.”

While the race isn’t over yet, Hawkesworth said this isn’t how he wanted his municipal career to end.

“You get into politics and you’re never sure what the outcome will be and this isn’t the way I had envisioned it, but that’s ok,” he said. “It’s never been about Bob…it’s been what I have felt is needed for Calgary.”