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Heading to a game at MSG? Clear security system lets you skip the line with your fingerprint

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The next time you head to Madison Square Garden to catch a Knicks game, you’ll be able to skip the long line outside with just a scan of your finger, thanks to the tech security company called Clear.

Clear is already available at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, as well as major airports like JFK, LaGuardia, Atlanta and more, and now the security system that turns your body into your valid ID will be available at the 7th Avenue/Chase Square entrance of Madison Square Garden.

The system creates a fast lane for fans, who can sign up for the feature at a Clear machine by scanning their government-issued ID, answering a series of personalized questions to prove their identity, and then having their “secure biometric account” created, for which the security system scans their fingerprints and irises.

Once you’re a Clear member, all you have to do at the Madison Square Garden entrance is skip the line to head to dedicated Clear lane, scan your finger and then get checked by Garden security.

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A Clear enrollment kiosk seen at Grand Central in 2017. Luc Kordas

“Launching at MSG represents a major milestone for Clear, and we look forward to making our members’ experience there more efficient, easier and more predictable so they don’t miss out on what they came to see,” said Clear CEO Caryn Seidman Becker in a statement. “By adding The Garden to our growing New York City ecosystem, Clear members can now enjoy frictionless experiences at three iconic sports and entertainment venues and three key local-area airports with one biometric ID.”

The sports-arena Clear membership is free, according to the company, but if you want to use Clear at airports to skip the line where a TSA agent has to check your ID, you’ll have to pay $179 a year, though there may be discounts available through memberships like Delta Skymiles.

Clear security system changing the sports arena experience at MSG and beyond

Clear will be available for fast-track entry at Madison Square Garden beginning with the Thursday, Feb. 28 Knicks game.

Though Clear is just for initial MSG entry right now, the security system is working on other ways to speed up the sports stadium experience. In Seattle, Clear is offering “biometric concessions,” meaning you can use your Clear ID — a.k.a. your fingerprint — to purchase your hot dog, popcorn and beer, and even confirm that you’re old enough to drink alcohol, all in one.  The security system aims to roll this feature out to other venues, as well.

Beginning this year Citi Field and other baseball stadiums, your fingerprint will also be your ticket into the game, so you don’t have to worry about possibly forgetting your paper ticket at home. That feature isn’t available at Madison Square Garden just yet, but could be in the future.