Health care champion Obama reaches first roadblock - Metro US

Health care champion Obama reaches first roadblock

Washington is hot in the summer but U.S. President Barack Obama is learning that outside the capital, it’s even hotter right now.

Across the country, Obama is encountering his first fervent opposition since taking office.

Americans are angry about his effort to reform American health care.

Congress has been working on the plan and as lawmakers talk to voters about it, they’re being accused, insulted and even threatened.

Some lawmakers say they’re finding the furious opposition is more than just the voice of ordinary Americans.

“It clearly is organized by the top, encouraged nationally by conservatives and the Republican Party,” said Democratic Congressman Brad Miller.

Republicans say it’s not politics, it’s personal.

“An awful lot of citizens that are showing up at town meetings are not shouting at anybody,” said Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. “They’re there to try to learn what Congress may have in mind on an issue that’s important to everybody in the country.”

Nearly seventy million Americans voted to elect Barack Obama. But nearly sixty million Americans voted against him.

Sooner or later, he was bound to start hearing from them.

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