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Health news and notes, Dec. 1

Who knows — maybe you'll wind up looking as good as Jennifer Lawrence.  Credit: Reuters Who knows — maybe you’ll wind up looking as good as Jennifer Lawrence.
Credit: Reuters

Work out like Katniss
Got “Hunger Games” fever? At New York Sports Club, the second incarnation of its “Train Like a Tribute” class features 12 challenges participants must overcome, just like Katniss and crew had to do when unleashed back in the arena for the second time. You’ll use an actual bow to work your upper back and biceps on “Katniss Killers,” dodge arena threats in “Monkey Jumps” (plyometric squat jumps) and work your triceps with “Finnick Trident Presses.” At the end of the circuit-style class, a winning tribute will be declared. The class is free for members and nonmembers alike; visit www.mysportsclubs.com for the schedule.

Get flyin’
On Dec. 2, Flywheel spin studio kicks off its Holiday Express Challenge, a three-week series that promises a fitter you by 2014. It’s not for the faint of heart: Each week, you’ll take two Flywheel spin classes and three off-the-bike FlyBarre classes. You’ll also get nutritional counsel and a bike basics workshop. The challenge is $400; email, call or visit your local Flywheel studio (www.flywheel
sports.com) to sign up.

Free workouts
Body + Pole, which recently underwent a huge renovation — it now has over 10,000 square feet of space — is offering a free week of classes this month. Now, this isn’t your ordinary gym: You’ll get one aerial hoop class, one pole dancing class and one conditioning class in your free week. Call to sign up.

Blink Fitness — Equinox’s budget-friendly gym — is holding open houses in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn this Friday as part of its BFF (Blink Fitness Friday) promotion. Come check out the space, and if you ultimately decide to join, you can do so for just $15 a month. Learn more at www.blinkfitness.com.

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