Heat wave will bring high temps to Boston and beyond – Metro US

Heat wave will bring high temps to Boston and beyond

boston heat advisory

Make sure your air conditioner is up and running, Bay Staters: a heat wave is expected to hit Massachusetts beginning this weekend and lingering throughout next week.

“Are you prepared for prolonged heat & humidity?” the National Weather Service Boston office tweeted. Throughout the first week of July, forecasters say, temperatures could reach highs of upper 80s to mid 90s, with some areas experiencing a heat index as high as 105 degrees.

Friday will be one of the “cooler” days before temps rise, the weather service said, though the high for the Boston area could still reach 87 degrees.

Temperatures in Boston could hit 90 to 95 degrees on Saturday, forecasters say, kicking off a week of high temperatures. Forecasters are predicting a high of near 90 degrees on Sunday and Monday, 93 on Tuesday, 91 on Wednesday (Independence Day) and 90 on Thursday.

Along with the heat, it’ll be humid throughout the first week of July, affecting the heat index and making it feel even warmer.

If you’re headed to the beach for the 4th of July, or if you’re near the water in Boston, you might see some relief from the heat wave because of sea-breezes. Inland and further west in Massachusetts will feel the heat the most, with humidity making it feel like 104 degrees in areas like Springfield and Amherst on Sunday. These spots away from the water won’t see a break in the heat until next weekend, experts predict.

A heat wave, with its high temps and humidity, brings the risk of heat-related illness, so the National Weather Service Boston is advising residents to be extra cautious outside in the days to come.

Forecasters are reminding people to stay hydrated with water, avoiding sugary beverages; wear lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting clothing; stay cool in an air-conditioned area and to apply sunscreen regularly.