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Heated exchange at YVR: Inquiry

Moments before he was Tasered by RCMP officers, Robert Dziekanski had two encounters with an angry limousine driver who yelled at him, an inquiry into his death heard yesterday.

The confrontations possibly made the Polish immigrant more upset and agitated, which would explain why he threw furniture around the arrivals area at Vancouver International Airport on Oct. 14, 2007.

Although Lorne Meltzer admitted he yelled and swore at Dziekanski for blocking a door he needed to access, another witness told the Braidwood Inquiry the exchange was even more heated.

Sima Ashrafinia, who was picking up her husband at YVR, said she intervened and asked Meltzer to leave Dziekanski alone.

Meltzer then left, but came back later and yelled at Dziekanski again. He told Dziekanski police would come and Taser him.

A few minutes later Dziekanski was confronted by four RCMP officers who Tasered him five times. He died shortly after.

A passenger recorded the death and that video has been seen around the world.

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