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Heidi Mueller silent on Twitter after DeMarco Murray cheating rumors

Running backs are the worst. At least that’s what 2014 has taught us.

Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray was seen as the exception to the “all running backs have issues” rule earlier this year when he ripped off eight consecutive games with over 100 yards rushing AND seemed like a decent guy while doing it. But as we all know by now, assuming that any particular pro athlete lives a minister’s lifestyle that is free of an ungodly amount of sex and steroids is about as advisable as believing that all politicians have your best interests at heart.

If you haven’t yet heard, Murray’s former teammate at Oklahoma, fellow running back Brennan Clay, accused Murray of sleeping with his wife.

“So DeMarco Murray was having an affair with my wife … I’m done,” Clay tweeted. “@demarcomurray and @gina_edagos0126 … 1 has a baby momma and she has 2 kids … I’m disgusted.”

Affairs are nothing new in the sports world, but this one is painful for several reasons. One, it’s clear that Murray “won” in whatever rivalry the two had on the field. Murray rushed for 2685 yards at Oklahoma and Clay, who more or less replaced Murray as the Sooners’ feature back in 2011 never broke 1,000 yards in a single season. Oh, and Murray plays in the NFL these days and Clay likely spends his Sundays setting off the Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness. Second, this is a classic case of the senior stealing the freshman guy’s woman. Nothing burns worse than that for a man. You’re just helpless as the freshman. Third, and I suppose most important, is that Murray has a “baby momma” who is devoted to daddy DeMarco. That baby momma is actress Heidi Mueller, who you know from the great mid-2000s documentary “Diva Dog: Pit Bull on Wheels” and the famed NBC TV series “Who Wants to Marry My Dad?”

Mueller’s twitter account@TheHeidiMueller, which features an avatar of herself (see above), her daughter and Murray, has obviously been silent since Clay accused Murray of the dirty deed.

Rumor of the week

The University of Florida has its eyes set on Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, according to a CBS Philly report. Why would Kelly do this? Um … ahhhh … ahhh. Damn. I can’t think of one single reason. A quick glance around the Internet, and … damn … no one else can think of one single reason Kelly would even entertain ditching a title-starved NFL franchise in a major U.S. city for a college program in a minor U.S. city that won a national championship just six years ago. Everything was so much easier when college jobs were simply seen as stepping stones for the NBA and NFL. Let’s blame Nick Saban. Might as well.

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