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Help the Earth, help yourself: Green wellness experts

Wellness chiropractor Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp has always gotten a lot of health questions from her patients.

“I knew what questions my patients were asking me — is it worth it to eat organic, what kind of products to clean my house with,” said Beauchamp.

After the same questions came up again and again, she was inspired to put all the answers under one roof, at the Green Wellness Expo.

“What you do for yourself is also good for the environment,” Beauchamp said. “People are looking to make better decisions for themselves and their families.”

Now in its fourth year, the show in Orleans attracted hundreds yesterday.

Beauchamp admits there’s still a lot of work to do, but adds: “I think people have to acknowledge the fact that it’s their health and that our health system is more of a crisis system.”

There are many easy things people can do, she said, including eating natural foods and exercising.

As a society, we’re more overweight than we’ve ever been, said personal trainer Janet Fougere: “People want to be healthy, but they don’t know how to go about it because there’s so much out there.”

Local author, detox mentor and longtime raw foodist Natasha Kyssa also attended to bring awareness to the raw lifestyle. “People really need to be more mindful of what they’re putting into their bodies,” she said.

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