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Here are the most overused buzzwords on LinkedIn


Are you a driven and passionate professional who is motivated to use your extensive experience in your future position? You are so not alone.

In fact, the good folks at LinkedIn have revealed just how unoriginal that description is. The business-oriented social networking site recently released the ten most overused buzzwords used in over 332 million profiles worldwide. “Motivated” and “passionate” topped the list, with “expert” coming in at number ten.

Catherine Fisher, LinkedIn Career Expert, suggests that now is a perfect time to do a bit of a profile overhaul and start weeding out the most popular buzzwords from your profile. “But don’t go to your trusty thesaurus and replace one buzzword with another lackluster adjective,” Fisher writes in a blog post. “Rather, include examples that illustrate how you’re motivated. How did your motivation ultimately drive business results?”

Job seekers should be particularly thoughtful about their word choices. Remember, the more you use a buzzword, the more meaningless it becomes.

Words to avoid:

The 2014 Global List of Top 10 Most Overused LinkedIn Buzzwords
• Motivated
• Passionate
• Creative
• Driven
• Extensive experience
• Responsible
• Strategic
• Track record
• Organizational
• Expert

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