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Here are the TV shows we’re watching this February

It used to be that the early months of the year were a sort of no man’s land for television. But no more. This month, there are tons of new series coming to the screen, and a few old ones coming back. But what are the best TV shows this February? Here are the ones we’re most looking forward to.

2 Dope Queens
Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson started from the bottom (shows in the basement of Union Hall in Brooklyn), now they’re here (a star studded, very well-lit HBO special). The very funny pair’s appeal has always been their easy familiarity with each other, and their upcoming shows on HBO prove these besties are still on fire. Besides, when else can you witness two black women coming together to talk about the misadventures of their daily lives, their celebrity crushes, and host a slew of other comedians to do largely the same? 2 Dope Queens premieres February 2 on HBO.

Altered Carbon
A sexy, neo noir cyberpunk thriller filled to the brim with diverse characters and James Purefoy? Yes please. Altered Carbon makes for an enjoyable — albeit at times, confusing — watch. Plus, it’s the perfect show to binge if you’ve got about ten hours to spare. Come for the shirtless Joel Kinnaman and Blade Runner 2049-worthy outerwear; stay for the dizzying amount of twists that’ll make you think — wait, what the hell just happened? Altered Carbon premieres February 2 on Netflix.

Everything Sucks!
There will always be an audience for stories about high school misfits. At least, Netflix is counting on it. Everything Sucks is 2018’s Fresh Off the Boat styled answer to the Freak & Geeks shaped hole in your heart, complete with freaks, geeks, cool kids and, of course, an AV club. Plus, it’s set in 1996 — the perfect time period for those millenials who want to harken back to their version of the good ol’ days. Everything Sucks premieres February 16 on Netflix.

Mozart in the Jungle
Another season of sex, classical music and pint-sized hunk Gael Garcia Bernal awaits. Good thing Mozart in the Jungle has always been the perfect bingeing fare — the plots never too heavy, the drama always lightened by the comedy of errors we call life and, oh, have we mentioned the genius of Garcia Bernal? This season promises all the feels, too. “Most of the time, I think it’s a comedy. And then every so often it becomes a tragedy,” showrunner Will Graham says. “[This season] is more emotional and more complicated and sophisticated.” Count us in. Mozart in the Jungle premieres February 16 on Amazon Prime.