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Here are the ways to listen to and download XXXTentacion music

How to download and stream XXXTentacion music

As fans mourn the tragic death of XXXTentacion, his music has experienced a significant spike in sales and streaming on popular streaming and digital download platforms such as Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify.

The 20-year-old rapper was shot and killed in his car Monday after leaving a Florida motorcycle dealership. According to data on popular music streaming and downloading platforms such as Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify, his music is exploding in popularity.

According to Amazon’s Movers and Shakers music list, XXXTentacion latest album “?” — released in March — shows a 422,833 percent sales increase for the vinyl copy and a 51,525 percent sales increase for the CD release.  In Amazon’s digital music category, XXXTentacion’s recent album is currently listed at no. 2 best seller next to Christina Aguilera’s “Liberation” album.

When it comes to iTunes, you can see a significant increase in streams and downloads of XXXTentacion music. In the Top Songs category “SAD!” and “Moonlight” from his latest album are at the no. 1 and no. 3 spots. Two tracks from his 2017 release titled “17” hold the no. 4 and no. 5 spots. Both of his albums are now are listed at no. 2 and no. 3 on iTunes Top Albums chart. His name is also the top trending search on iTunes.


If you look at the Spotify Chart section you’ll see that “SAD!” is at the no.2 spot in the United States Top 50 and no. 10 in the Global Top 50. According to TMZ, the streaming service removed his music after charges were filed against him for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend. His music was later reinstated on the platofrm — and Spotify also added a “This is XXXTentacion” playlist that features many of his best tracks and features.

XXXTentacion “?” album cover


In January, the rapper posted an image of the album art to social media and later explained the meaning of the album on Instagram. “This albums not about the words, it’s about the feeling…it’ll be very hard to understand, but very easy to listen to…it’s not what you’re expecting, even if you feel like you understand my music, be prepared to not understand this music,” the rapper said on his Instagram Story. 

Download XXXTentacion music

Since the rappers untimely death, fans have been purchasing XXXTentacion music. 

On Amazon, you can purchase the digital copy of “?” for $9.49, the CD for $11.98 and if you want to own the vinyl release it will run you $23.98.

In the iTunes download store, XXXTentacion’s “?” will set you back $9.99. 

Of course, you can always stream his music on Spotify or Apple Music for free or sign up for a subscription to be able to listen to his music offline. 

XXXTentacion free download

While there are several ways to stream and download XXXTentacion music from paid subscription services and digital download stores, you can also find ways to download XXXTentacion music for free online. If you visit Internet Archive and do a quick search of the artist name or title of a song, you’ll discover a trove of content you might have been looking for.

Alternatively, you can always search for XXXTentacion on YouTube to listen for free. There are ways you can download YouTube videos so you can enjoy content offline.