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Here’s how Carmelo Anthony’s prenup might come back to bite him

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Are you dying to hear updates on this Carmelo and La La Anthony divorce ordeal? Look no further!

So it turns out, Carmelo and La La Anthony signed a prenuptial agreement before getting hitched in 2010 — you see, ol’ Melo wanted to protect his millions should the pair divorce. As you may recall, news broke on Monday that the former MTV VJ had moved out of their joint Manhattan digs several months ago. And then Tuesday, news came out that Carmelo had impregnated some woman who wasn’t his wife. Irresponsible!

Carmelo — who has been followed around like a dang shadow by cheating rumors forever, — apparently justified cheating on his wife by saying “La La is married, I’m not.” Because he doesn’t have any basic concept of how marriage works in the first place, I guess. According to Page Six, Melo would often “flirting or canoodling” with women while he was on the road throughout the seven-year marriage. Gross!

Although La La, 37, stepped out the other day without her wedding ring, neither of these two have even gotten close to filing for divorce. They have a pretty well documented history of breaking up and making up, but as a source tells the site, La La knew what’s been going on, “but I guess this time she’s had enough.”  

But let’s talk about the money: Carmelo is in the middle of a $124 million contract, and he’s raked in more than $200 million throughout his career. La La, on the other hand, has not been as successful. All could be well with the prenup unless it contains some sort of cheating clause, which typically entitles the aggrieved party to challenge the written terms — and get more of a payout.

Seeing as the 32-year old Knicks player was pretty egregious with his infidelities — you guys, he got a stripper pregnant! — I’d say La La has a real shot of keeping up her current lifestyle. Hopefully she had enough foresight to include that cheating clause in the agreement. 


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