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Here’s what Americans really think about Thanksgiving foods

Here’s what Americans really think about Thanksgiving foods

A new study by Grubhub shows just what Americans are really eating and enjoying on Thanksgiving. The study breaks down what dishes are the most coveted during this holiday season, and some of the results are quite shocking.

It turns out that Thanksgiving’s most popular foods are breakfast options. The study shows that Belgian waffles, chocolate chip pancakes, eggs benedict, corned beef hash and egg, and French toast rose most in popularity on Thanksgiving day compared to other Thursdays in November 2018. Surprisingly, folks are opting for sweet options pre-turkey. 

Turkey – perhaps the dish most synonymous with Thanksgiving – isn’t actually consumed in its highest annual quantities on Thanksgiving day. The number one holiday surpassing Thanksgiving for turkey-lovers is actually New Year’s Eve. 

Although turkey is well-loved on its own, the most popular turkey dishes in 2019 are turkey cranberry melt, turkey bacon, turkey bacon avocado wrap, honey glazed turkey, and turkey and bacon club. It’s interesting to note that the turkey cranberry melt that tops the lists is reminiscent of a Thanksgiving meal. 

Other Thanksgiving favorites are desserts, specifically pies. When it comes to Thanksgiving pies, usually folks think about apple pie, pumpkin pie, and sweet potato pie; however, those are not the most sought after pies this holiday season. Pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie didn’t even rank in the top five favorite pies. 

The study shows that the most popular Thanksgiving pies are not what you might think. The most popular Thanksgiving pies are lemon meringue pie, blueberry pie, coconut custard pie, pecan pie – with apple rounding out the top five. 

When people are tired of their leftovers, they tend to go for Tex-Mex and Asian-inspired dishes post-Thanksgiving. Here are the most popular dishes for the weekend after Thanksgiving, according to Grubhub: beef barbacoa taco, ramen bowl, cheesy chicken empanada, tofu miso soup, and steamed shrimp shumai.

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