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Here’s what astrologists say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

May 19, 2018 is a Saturday. It’s six days after Morther’s Day and almost two months after the start of spring. More importantly, it’s also the date of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding.

According to PEOPLE, the couple will tie the knot at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, which caps at 800 people. Their ceremony will be full of famous faces no doubt, and it’s been reported that their cake of choice is (drumroll please) banana. As unorthodox as that sounds, there’s actually a sweet reason behind their decision besides the fact that Prince Harry is an avid banana fan.

After their long-rumored romance was confirmed in late October, Markle posted an Instagram of two bananas cuddling (it’s seems odd, but it’s cute). Her original caption read, “Sleep tight xx.”


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The two have been nothing but smiles ever since. Just look at their engagement photos!

Not only do the royal and royal-to-be share their good looks, they also share a love of family and giving back to those in need. But how compatible are they really? According to astrologists, very.

Let’s break it down 

Prince Harry, born September 15, 1984, is a Virgo. Markle, born August 4, 1981, is a Leo.

Astrology.com states that the best aspect of a relationship between these two signs is “their effectiveness” together. The site reads: “Metaphorically and literally, Leo commands attention and respect by showing people what they are made of socially, and following through on new ideas motivated only by fun and excitement. [Sounds like Markle.] Virgo works hard behind the scenes, scheduling appointments and following up on details Leo has lost interest in. [Sounds like Harry.] Their personalities, opposite in so many ways, makes theirs a highly complementary love match.”

Well and Good spoke to astrologer Jennifer Racioppi, from the site Chart Your Success, who further explained.

Though she said that their charts “don’t scream high-level compatibility [since] his Virgo sun is more fastidious and conservative, while her Leo sun is more playful and fun,” Virgos value their alone time and “they think things through before taking any leap, so… given that he proposed, he’s very serious about her.”

Racioppi went on to explain more about their charts: “He has a Uranus/Mars conjunction in fire sign Sagittarius, which encourages big-picture thinking, and it trines her sun sign exactly. She has a lot of Libra in her chart — Moon/Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto — and does well with long-term relationships and partnerships. He has a Taurus moon — so when he commits to something, he really goes all in.”

According to Racioppi, Markle will “do well in the royal family — her Libra grants her a great deal of social grace, and her Leo sun gives her the ability to do well in the spotlight. She also has Venus in Virgo, which means really understands Harry on an intimate level and shares some of his needs. She has a very regal chart.”

Wedding day vibes

Prince Harry and Markle will marry towards the end of Taurus, according to Bustle, which “inspire[s] strong marital bonds.”

“For those who look at marriage as the next logical step in their relationship, the slow, steady and protective energy of Taurus makes it the perfect time of year to tie the knot,” astrologist and writer Judi Vitale detailed on the site Daily Horoscope.

Along with their Taurus wedding, Bustle noted that they will tie the knot during a waxing crescent moon, and this cycle represents power and possibility.

As psychic medium Natalia Kuna wrote for the magazine “Alive, So Make it Count,” during a crescent moon, “[t]hings are moving forward and there is the hope of more to come. It provides a burst of energy and forward moving strength and power that you can tap into. Our plans, dreams and ideas are growing and this is a great period to focus on anything which you would like to deepen, grow and commit to.”

On top of this, according to Modern Wedding, “The Chinese believe that any date that ends in an 8 or 9 is particularly lucky as [eight] [symbolizes] infinity and [nine] represents fulfillment.”

May 19, 2018 keeps looking better and better. But we could have guessed that even without the help of experts.