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Here’s why ‘Supernatural’ lacks a ‘greater female presence’

Supernatural Season 13

After so many years of acting side by side, “Supernatural” stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki — who play brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, respectively — aren’t quite tired of each other yet. With the 13th season premiering on the CW October 12, we chatted with Ackles and Padalecki about maintaining their brotherly bond, female representation and the future of the series.  

How do you think “Supernatural” has maintained public interest for so many seasons?

Jensen Ackles: We’ve never lost the essence of the show during all these seasons. It’s about this constant struggle for good, for this brotherhood and the constant struggle for the betterment of the human race. And those are factors that people can connect with. Besides, we have a great time doing it.  

Jared Padalecki: Neither Jensen nor the writers are bored of the story. Actually, I’d not like to look inside of the mind of the writers. They are crazy!

JA: The most impressive thing is that with 13 seasons we are still sitting here excited to tell you about our work.

What can you tell us about the possible “Supernatural” spin off, “Wayward Sisters” that was announced this summer?

JP: I hope we have a spin off, have more female characters and I hope that once that’s done we can do a crossover. I love the Supernatural world. I have to confess that I have always been such a nerd that I have read like 40 Star Wars books, all the books of “Lord of the Rings,” of “Harry Potter,” I really love to immerse myself in other universes.

What about the criticism that “Supernatural” has received about not having enough female representation?

JP: I’m very biased when it comes to certain female characters from the ‘Supernatural’ world. I married one, for example. But I can say, I think one of the reasons why there is not a greater female presence in the show is because when Eric Kripke designed the series, he defined the tone where none of us wanted it to be about sex or to show our physical attributes. There were more important things to tell. We wanted to do a series about problems, dedication, brotherhood and loyalty.

The series shows us a lot of the ups and downs you experience within a brotherly bonds. But in real life you two are very close.

JP: We have our conflicts but never on the same scale as Sam and Dean. But we’ve been through many things together — from romantic break-ups, deaths, marriages, births. I see this guy more than I see my wife or my children. We support each other.  

Last season ended on a complicated note. What can we expect in the upcoming episodes?

JP: They don’t have anyone anymore. Throughout the years, the Winchester brothers managed to win friends and form alliances. But at the root of it all is Sam and Dean. As long as they have each other and know what they’re fighting for, their objectives are very clear.

Clearly, we ended Season 12 with a naked man in the corner of a room — that we can only assume is Lucifer’s offspring — so we’ll keep moving forward and doing what we know how to do best. Which is to fight.