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Here’s why we’re dying to see ‘The Sinner’

USA Network The Sinner Premiere Starring Jessie Biel

Get your DVR’s ready people: “The Sinner,” USA Network’s latest crime thriller, finally airs tonight, August 2 at 10/9c. And, props to the often overlooked channel for all the hype, because even this writer — a 20-something who is afraid of the dark — will be tuning in. 

Jessica Biel stars in the internationally bestselling novel turned fast-paced TV mystery, or whatever the eff this show is. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Justin Timberlake’s smokin’ wife on screen, but it looks like she’s back and killing it as the show’s main character, Cora Tannetti. Literally though. Biel plays a typical suburban housewife — one who not so typically murders some random dude on a beach day with her fam. That’s cute.

The trailer itself is pretty revealing: We see Biel go straight in for the kill; prison cell breakdowns, and some good good detective scenes. Bill Pullman, playing the show’s overworked investigator, becomes fixated on discovering a motive, since Biel fails to spill any goodies in her confession. 

What the trailer doesn’t reveal is why she did it. Which is annoying AF. A seemingly normal MILF impulsively stabs a hot, young guy in public, and all we get from her is an “I just did it, and I don’t know why?” We need answers! Not even her hubby, Mason, played by Christopher Abbot, knows what the hell is going on. Is Cora mentally insane? Does she have a sordid past? Is she possessed?

Overall, the series seems pretty legit, it “drops the customary whodunit for a ‘whydunit.'” according to CNN and scorred a whopping 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. And since “The Sinner” is a limited series with only 8 episodes, there’s no time to waste. So, what’ll it be — crazy about an ex or just crazy?

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