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Here’s why you should stop eating lunch at your desk

You probably didn't take a lunch break today. But you should've!

What are you doing for lunch today? If you are like most workers, you’ll be eating at your desk – which isn’t much of a break from your day at all. Studies have shown that only 1 in 5 American employees actually take a true lunch break.

“I’ve found that it’s common for people to brag about how they’re too busy to eat lunch. And when they do eat, it’s at their desks, while staring at a screen,” writes Forbes contributor Ruchika Tulshyan. That’s in sharp contrast to other countries like Singapore, where the midday meal break is considered sacred.

There are several reasons you should take full advantage of your lunch break. As Tulshyan points out, breaks are good for productivity and eating while you are distracted may not be great for your health. There are other advantages as well: taking even a 15 to 20 minute break can improve both your concentration and energy levels throughout the afternoon.

So get out and enjoy some sunshine during your next lunch hour. Your work will ultimately be better because of it.

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