Heritage Trust launches HRMbyDesign counter plan – Metro US

Heritage Trust launches HRMbyDesign counter plan

The Heritage Trust wants to scrap HRMbyDesign altogether and replace it with their own plan: A Better Design.

Phil Pacey, president of the Trust, said HRMbyDesign would have a serious negative impact on about 100 of 126 downtown heritage buildings.

“HRMbyDesign would eliminate many of the excellent policies that have protected heritage buildings in downtown Halifax,” he said in a statement Friday.

The HRM’s plan would provide financial incentives to rip down properties and build taller structures under new height limits, he said.

HRMbyDesign was recently given the nod by the Heritage Advisory Committee and will be shipped off to council for first reading next month.

“It is further confirmation that the plan accurately reflects the vision of a vibrant, liveable and sustainable downtown as expressed by thousands of citizens and key stakeholder groups over the past two years,” said Andy Fillmore, HRMbyDesign project manager, over a week ago.

The Heritage Trust wants to increase height restrictions on the more than one million square feet of vacant land and parking lots in the downtown. They would also give developers an accelerated agreement process on that land.

But they want to get even tougher, and provide permanent protection for heritage properties.

The Trust wants to set the height of the heritage buildings as the maximum heights allowed, and provide grants and tax credits to help owners fix up them up.