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Hey, how about ‘The Daily Show with Amy Poehler’?

By the end of the year, we’re going to need a new “Daily Show” host, and it seems like the Internet is already rallying around “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler. And why not? Her show is ending, so she could use a new regular gig. She’s got the perfect comic persona for the venue, and getting behind the desk in New York would be a lovely return to her “Saturday Night Live” and “Upright Citizens Brigade” roots. But that doesn’t mean she’s the only good option to take over for Jon Stewart. We’ve got some other ideas:

Why should the long-running, celebrated late-night staple look outside its own roster for a new captain? Long-time correspondent — and wife of fellow “Daily” team member Jason Jones — has put in the years of work and deserves a reward. She also has the right blend of sweetness and sarcasm to handle the guests.

Speaking of “Daily Show” staffers, how about helping one of the show’s fastest rising stars rise even faster? Williams has been turning in some of the show’s most important work since joining the team, and that could drive the future tenor of the show and help keep it relevant.

Or “Daily Show” producers could reach way back into the archives and bring back Vance DeGeneres (brother of Ellen), who left the show in 2001. Sure, DeGeneres is currently busy running fellow “Daily” alum Steve Carell’s production company, Carousel Productions, but TV audiences could use another sampling of his deadpan style.

Whoever takes over for Stewart is going to need to be up to his level as far as smarts go, and who better than comedy’s reigning nerd, Patton Oswalt? He’s got the passion, the humor and the witty self-deprecation down pat. And it would be interesting to see him in a suit on a regular basis.

We’re pretty sure at least Kanye West would agree that there is literally no one more qualified for the job — or any job — than Kanye West. Well, aside from Beyonce, maybe. But of the two of them, who is more likely to take a desk job? While it might seem like a long shot to get West to settle down and let other people talk, maybe if we explain to him how Stewart has become the most influential political and social voice for young audiences, it might pique his interest.

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