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Hey Rosetta!’s easy CD

It was a pretty rushed recording process — just two weeks in the studio — but the feeling was relaxed. So much so, that even the album producer was cracking jokes.

“It was so easy, so much easier than the last record,” said Tim Baker, who was in Halifax late last year with the rest of Hey Rosetta! to record their new album, Into Your Lungs (And Around In Your Heart And On Through Your Blood).

Joining them at the Music Room and Sonic Temple was Canadian musician Hawksley Workman, who helmed the studio sessions and produced the release.

“He was really down to earth and really funny,” Baker, the group’s vocalist said about Workman. “He is unbelievably funny, like a stand up comic.”

Being released on Tuesday, the album comes on the heels of the St. John’s sextet’s acclaimed debut EP, Plan Your Escape, and performances that garnered the group Canada-wide attention and East Coast Music Award nominations.

As was the case with the first release, the album was written by Baker. While many of the earlier tunes were penned in pre-musical success isolation, these were written on the road and with other musicians around.

“The first one was just me writing, alone, and then trying to fit the band into it,” Baker said. “This one was very much written for the band and as a product of touring and playing.

“I think it is a bit more collaborative,” he added, saying that the other members collaborated on the rhythm of the songs. “The structure is there, but we have to fit it all together.”

Baker said the new album gives a glimpse at how Hey Rosetta! has grown as a band. The EP came out when the members had only been together for a few months.

“I am pretty excited. We have been living with these songs for a long time, we’ve been playing them for two years,” he said. “It is nice to get it out of our hands and have people hear it.”

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