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High turnout leads to turnover

Ten new councillors were voted in Monday. This shows that people were looking for a change, said Katherine Graham, professor of public policy and administration at Carleton University.

“They got out even in the bad weather, which is a very good thing.”

While the voter rate for a municipal election is typically between 30 and 40 per cent, the turnout on Monday was higher than that, she said.

“Several factors can bump it up a bit. This was a pretty hot mayor’s race, and the turnover in council seats showed people wanted a change.”

The residents of Capital and Bay wards woke up yesterday morning with new leaders in their respective districts.

The people have spoken and as a result will have new representation for the next four years with David Chernushenko (Capital) and Mark Taylor (Bay) leading the way.

“We had a really effective campaign and was happy that I received support from all across the ward, not just my neighbourhood,” said Chernushenko. “I hope the change in mayor and significant number of councillors will mean it’s a chance for a fresh start.”

Over in Bay Ward, Taylor ousted the incumbent Alex Cullen in convincing fashion.

“We started our campaign in January and took the time to go around the ward and really listen to the people,” explained the rookie city councillor.

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