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Hillary backers left to question Dems’ decision

Liberal Democrats were so sure just over a year ago that they had placed the country in the best hands.

But now that the influence of their “messiah” — President Barack Obama — proved not to be enough to keep the Senate seat of longtime liberal Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy out of Republican control, some are left with a burning question: What was I thinking voting for Obama?

“I definitely should have voted for Hillary!” bemoaned Phyllis Entis on her foodie blog at eFoodAlert.blogspot.com.

“Yes, you should have,” responded a reader in the comments portion of the blog. “She knows how to get things done and isn’t afraid to use her power. We would have universal health care by now if she were in the Oval.”

And there’s the issue where the rubber hits the road.

Now-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had sworn as a presidential candidate that her practice lobbying for universal health care as first lady made her better prepared to withstand GOP attacks against the measure. Now that Obama’s whittled-down health care bill threatens to be derailed by the election of Republican Scott Brown to the Senate, some wish they had paid more attention.

“She didn’t dance around the issues,” “Bill” posted to ThePoliticizer.com. “She never would have let Republicans get away with their antics. Dare I say it: Hillary ’12!”

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