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Hillary Clinton ‘happy’ to participate in extra Democratic debate – if others do, too

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Compared to the blockbuster Republican presidential debates, the Democrats have endured arguably one of the worst presidential primary debate seasons in modern history.

That is, complaints continue to mount about the sparse numberof debates compared to the number enjoyed by Republicans. So, Hillary Clinton has signaled she’s willing to participate in more debates – if her rivals agree, too.

Today, Reuters reported a Clinton spokesperson said the former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State would be outright “happy” to participate in hypotheticaladditional debates.

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As the criticism of the debate schedule continues to grow, Democratic Party insiders have even questioned whether or not the few and far between debates were manufactured deliberately to benefit Clinton.DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has repeatedly defended the existing debate schedule, which has included events on weekend nights.

Experts disagree with her.

“By the time voting starts in Iowa, potential voters will have seen about 40 percent less of Democratic candidateson the debate stage than their Republican counterparts,”Aaron Kall, the University of Michigan’s director of debate, toldThe Hill newspaper’s fact-checking blog, PolitiFact.

Kall disputed Wasserman Schultz’s assertion that the debate schedule would “maximize” voter exposure to the candidates, too.

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