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Hit the UES tonight to drink draft beer for just $5 at The Pony Bar

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You’re midway through Wednesday, which means the rest of the week is downhill. You’ll make it to the weekend. Why not celebrate that minor victory, and the 9th anniversary of beloved beer bar The Pony Bar UES, with a round of drinks for you and your friends? You won’t even have to pony up much money (see what we did there?) thanks to their celebratory specials — and we’re not just talking drinks.

If you haven’t hit The Pony Bar UES yet, or its 10th Avenue location that’s now Hellcat Annie’s Tap Room, fix that tonight and get ready to enjoy craft beer in the Americana atmosphere. Gather your friends, grab a spot at the bar or circle around one of the converted barrel tables scattered throughout this peddler of pints. American flag bunting hangs over the bar, but mostly you’ll be surrounded by fellow brew lovers and plenty of wood.

Celebratory specials at The Pony Bar UES tonight

But it’s not just good times with friends and cold beer that’s in store for you tonight. Since today is the 9th anniversary of The Pony Bar UES, they’re running specials on their beer and food — which, in case you’re wondering, gets high marks from past customers on Yelp.

In honor of the year they got their start in this upper Manhattan neighborhood, The Pony Bar is offering drafts for prices circa 2009. That means you’ll get them for just $5, lower than even their popular happy hour deals. And you don’t have to worry about overdoing yourself since you can balance out the booze with $3 tacos.



Grab your coat and get out the door after work, because this place is going to fill up fast. The draft list for the event tonight is yet to be released at the time of publication, but you can count on them offering a quality selection. Doors open at 3 pm, so make sure you or a friend are there to snag a spot for the night, and then toast the cozy bar to another successful nine years with a tipple and plenty of tacos.


The Pony Bar UES

1444 1st Avenue
(at 75th Street)
(212) 288-0090