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Hogs and Heifers bar will close due to insane monthly rent hike

Bra-cladded Hogs and Heifers bar.
Facebook, Hogs and Heifers

Hogs and Heifers has entertained patrons for years as a unique, bra cladded establishment in the Meatpacking District, but now, due to skyrocketing rent prices, the popular watering hole will close.

On August 23, Hogs and Heifers owner Michelle Dell will close its doors, as first reported by The New York Daily News. T

According to the report: “Thor Equities purchased the building on the corner of Washington and W. 13th Sts. in 2013 for about $100 million, and when Hogs’ lease expired last year, the proposed rent jumped to $60,000 a month, from $14,000.

For over two decades, bar goers have been able to enjoy cheap drinks and bikini-topped barmaids.

Dell and her husband first opened the bar in 1992, which became a popular destination for transvestite hookers. Over the years, the range of patrons has expanded to include celebrities, like Sir Paul McCartney who made some dance moves on the table and an underage Leonardo Dicaprio who was kicked out, according to the New York Post.

Dell doesn’t just welcome anyone into her establishment. “If you’re too uptight to have fun with us . . . don’t come in here and ruin my f—ing day, I’m working,” she told the Post.

Known for some wild nights, the bar looks the part with tens of thousands of bras hanging on the ceiling. The bra decor was not intentional — it began one night after a girl threw her bra in the bar and it happened to land on an antler.

Dell said she could afford to shell out $40,000 per month – but $60,000 unmanageable for a biker bar with $3 dollarPabst. Dell told the Daily News she’d have to raise the price of a can of Pabst to$17 to keep up with the rent.

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